Special Exhibition
The World of M.C.Escher
The Museum of Modern Art, Ibaraki was opened on October, 1988 as a center for the people of Ibaraki to enjoy art and culture on the green bank of Lake Senba in Mito City. Since then it has been enjoying warm encouragements and supports of the people, for which we are deeply grateful.
In recent years, due to the increase of the leisure hours and diverse life styles, the people of Japan show a strong tendency to seek richer and meaningful lives and the role of art museum in the society of life-long learning is greater than ever.
It is hoped that The Museum of Modern Art, Ibaraki will continue to server many people as an institution where they have easy access to excellent art works of both Japan and overseas countries as well as a place for reposeful moments and various cultural activities.
In response to the wish of the people of Ibaraki for rich lives, The Museum of Modern Art, Ibaraki was founded as a place where people have easy access to excellent works of art.
The museum is also designed, through its educational services, to contribute to the promotion of art and cultural activities in the community.
1 With objects of art from the Ibaraki area as the nucleus of its collection, the museum puts on public view modern and contemporary art works of the world.
2 The museum prepares various educational programs to meet the demands of the people of Ibaraki for pleasure and meaning of life.
3 Apropos to its location in the "Verdant Zone of Cultural Institutions", the museum offers itself as a place of cordial relaxation and conviviality for the people of the prefecture.
1 Exhibitions
Standing exhibition: With works from Ibaraki area as the nucleus, objects in the museum's permanent collection are shown systematically so that the history of modern and contemporary art can be easily understood.
Special exhibition: The museum organizes temporary exhibitions in order to provide the people of Ibaraki opportunities to enjoy renowned works of art from other collections.

2 Education
Educational Activities: The museum provides a wide variety educational programs which include art information service using reproductions and audiovisual equipments; art lectures and courses; Studio of NAKAMURA, Tsune on public view; special programs for families during the summer vacation; and Traveling Gallery.
Programs Related to Art Dissemination Activities: To make the museum a place frequented by many people, movies, concerts and other entertaining programs are provided.

3 Collecting photo
In order to present more attractive standing exhibition, which are organized with works in the museum's permanent collection to show the traditions and developments of modern art in the world, the museum collects notable modern and contemporary works of art based on the long-term plan in accordance with the museum's exhibition policy.

4 Researches
In order to facilitate and enhance the museum activities, the museum engages in researches in the state of artistic activities around the world.

Museum hours 9:30A.M. to 5:00P.M.(no admittance after 4:30P.M.)
Museum closed Every Monday (in the case of national holidays falling on Monday, the museum will be closed the following day).Also closed December 29 to January 1.
Transportation By electric train Fifteen minutes walk or five minutes by bus from Mito Station on JR's Joban Line.(north exit,No.8 busstop)
Address 666-1,Higashi Kubo, Senba-cho, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture 310‐0851
Phone (029)243-5111
Fax (029)243-9992
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6/7〜7/10 The World of M.C.Escher
7/16〜9/25 The World of Taisho-Imagerie :Graphic design and illustrations
10/8〜10/23 Ibaraki Annual Art Exhibition
11/3〜1/29 Faculty and Students: The course of Plastic Arts and Mixed Media, University of Tsukuba
2/11〜4/2 Higashiyama Kaii;Toshodaiji Miei-do Murals